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  • The Tetradrachms of Syracus including a complete rating of all types
  • Auction Previews of the 47th NYINC
  • Coin Dealership Profiles
  • Wie ein waschechter Bayer die ersten US-Münzen erschuf
  • Morgan Dollars: Eine der beliebtesten US-Münzen seit Jahrzehnten
  • The Perfect Press Release
  • Numismatic Career Choices
  • 7 Steps to an Efficient Network

The Future of Money Museums

  • Money Museums today
  • Corporate Museums
  • Innovative Exhibitions


  • Innovation and the Coin Industry
  • Latest Innovations
  • Successful Site Development

Coin Collectors

  • Where are collectors found? Clubs, forums, fairs
  • The relation of direct marketing and collectors explained by experts

Coins and Good Health

  • Coins as Disease Carriers
  • Nickel as Allergenic Coin Material
  • Swallowed Coins in Small Children's Stomachs
Money in Other Societies. Traditional Means of Payment from the Kuhn Collection. It is incredible what has served other peoples as a means of payment at different times! Beetles' legs and snails, shells and bars of salt, stone axes and glass pearls, all of which are really exotic. It...
“What Money Personality Am I?” We all use money and have a relationship to it. And this publication is about both aspects. On the one hand, it investigates typical facets; that can come to light in the way people handle money. On the other hand, it offers an insight...
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