Classical Numismatic Group

25-10-2016 – 01-01-1970

Electronic Auction 385

CNG’s “Electronic Auction” 385 – now online

CNG’s “Electronic Auction” 385 closes on 26 October 2016 featuring 809 lots. Two extensive offerings of Greek coins are available in this sale besides coins from the BCD Collection – and a number of duplicates from the Andrew McCabe Collection.

CNG Electronic Auction 385 closes on Wednesday, 26 October 2016, beginning at 10 AM ET featuring 809 lots.

Lot 21: “CALABRIA”, Tarentum. Circa 280 BC. AR Nomos. HN Italy –. VF, graffiti on reverse. Estimate: $300.

Two extensive offerings of Greek are available in this sale: a run of silver nomoi of Magna Graecia, …

Lot 73: SICILY, ‘Syracuse’. Dionysios I. 405-367 BC. Hemidrachm. Struck circa 405-400 BC. Boehringer, Münzprägungen, pl. II, 18. Good Fine. Estimate $500.

… and an impressive selection of silver fractions from across the Mediterranean world.